Due to a recent surgery and possibly facing chemo and radiation (I find out more on Monday) my doctor has me on a high protein, low fiber, low carbohydrate diet. 1,000-1,200 calories per day

Basically this means, for me proteins: chicken, fish, creamy peanut butter, soft cooked eggs (no fried) and high protein Boost. Veggies but NOT any of the cole crops (broccoli family), corn or corn products, peas, beans or other legumes, no whole grain breads/pastas etc. No fried foods, low spices. No fresh fruit or veggis only canned or cooked to death. No leafy greens. No beef or other grisly meat. I am normally a big veggie and fruit eater, especially salads and the doctor is adamant NO SALADS.

So folks do any of you have any suggestions on what meals/recipes that would be tasty? I am already tired of Boost after being on it for at least one meal a day (I’m suppose to be doing 5 small meals daily–generally get in 2-3, no real appetite). Help!