I am spending time at home today, trying to get some gifts made. Are any of you making Christmas gifts this year? If so, what are you making?

I have a question about selling handmade crafts. Specifically, I am making coasters from 4”x4” tiles and I am wondering how to price them. They will be in sets of four, usually a matching set, unless I find stamps that go together well and have 4 of them. Then I would make a set of 4, each with a different design. Four is an easy number to tie with string, jute, ribbon, etc. Any more than that and they are more prone to topple or otherwise get chipped, nicked or broken. I put four small felt pads on the bottom to prevent scratching table tops. The jute I am using come out to about 1¢/foot and I use about 1.5 feet per set.

My tiles & felt pads cost me about 52¢ total. I had some stamps and stamp pads already but did purchase 2-3 more stamp pads and stamps. I also can use these in my scrapbooking for personal use. Of course it’s very difficult to price out the cost/coaster for stamp pads and stamps.

I am thinking of $12/set or $20 for 2 sets (identical or mix and match). How would you price these? I am probably going to advertise by word of mouth at first to save some $ so I can build up a supply of coasters.

I might try to find a couple of local stores to put a few sets in and leave some business cards. What I thought is I would let the store keep $2.00-$3.00 for every set they sell. Does that sound reasonable?