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Lots going on here in the financial realm.

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On the “fun” news front, the parents have officially started to offload a lot of their possessions to us kids, as part of their move from one generous home and one vacation home, down to a single sensible home near my brother. He and his family got a lot of “goodies” from that move, and just today I finalized the bid to move our load of loot from Phoenix to here. As a Christmas surprise, the parents said they’d pay for half the move, after we’d already budgeted for the whole thing. So in short, we’ll be paying roughly $200 to get $2000+ worth of furniture and household items. We’ll be able to retire some of our college-days-era furniture (for instance, my desk is a folding card table), in favor of real furniture. We’ll also get some pieces that I grew up with and have sentimental attachment to, which doesn’t really matter in the financial realm but gives me a big warm fuzzy all the same.
In the bad news category, DH has lost the near-constant overtime which has been a very nice addition to the monthly income for the last nine years. He switched programs to something which is definitely less stressful, which is good, but it’s also less hours worked per week. So we’re going through another round of adjusting the household budget to allow for that. The goodies we’re getting from the parents will in some ways be our last hurrah for awhile. Which is just fine. Somehow, somewhere along the line, I decided I wanted to be done with our debts payback within a two year timeframe, and this month marks the halfway point. So my inner gazelle has been getting very twitchy to find new ways to save money, or make money, to pay down those debts even faster. Now with the loss of DH’s overtime, the twitchies have increased.

Towards that end, we’ve also decided on a fairly big project for 2013. I won’t go into details because it would be mumbo jumbo to a lot of folks, but we’re going to move forward with something called aquaponics here. It’s the marriage between hydroponics veggie production and aquaculture fish production. In short, it will allow us to grow a lot of our own feed for the livestock, and provide more market veggies for sale. It’ll be a lot of management time and effort on my part, but it will dramatically change the $$$ going out and $$$$ coming in. I’m hoping those changes will more than offset DH’s lost overtime, and that we’ll be able to speed things up and pay things off faster than we have so far, and get that debt GONE. All this talk lately of folks becoming debt free, and our own small accomplishments with our debt snowball, has me pretty motivated now. So, I might be pretty quiet in weeks to come as first I study up and then knuckle down on the physical effort to get this new project off the ground. But it will hopefully make a huge difference. So that this time next year, I can finally take my place on the rooftops and scream about being debt free. That’s the goal. Rather exciting, and intimidating, all at the same time.