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Not a lot of bills at our home

Posted by tipphumane on

(thank the good Lord). Phone bill. We get two. I keep one until the end of tax season (a business line) and the other I trash after I receive the following month’s and see the payment from the previous month reflected. Direct TV. It’s autodrafted so I don’t even see the bill. I used to get a copy but they stopped sending it. It doesn’t matter. I don’t need it. I pay. Life’s good. Electric? I pay online. I throw the previous month’s statement away and only keep the current month’s. Trash? I pay one annual payment. No water bill. I have a well. Cell phones? My company pays for mine for work, my husband has a Dollar Store phone and pays as he needs it. Internet is bundled with the landline. Sewer? Nope. Have a holding tank I get pumped every couple of years. Netflix. Pay monthly. Amount is autodrafted. No receipt.

I really don’t have a lot any more. I used to keep a year’s of receipts but decided after the previous month shows payment that I really don’t need to keep those bills around anymore (unless I need them for taxes). All in all, I have very few bills. I autodraft weekly money into our ING account for ongoing biannual and annual bills. The homeowner’s insurance and winter tax bills on the house are due this month. Tax bill is bi-annual and the homeowner’s is annual. I’ll keep both those bills because they are biggies. I’m transferring money from ING to our checking to cover those two.

I’ve stopped complicating my life. Paper is a complication (mind you, I have been audited by the IRS in the way past, so I do get the fear of holding on to receipts for wayyyyyyy too long). Most of the companies that I can pay online keep online receipts, so as long as I see my payment from the previous month reflected, I’m good. Just throw the paper away….