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I’m so excited!

Posted by tipphumane on

Dh and ds have been after me for my Christmas/birthday list. It has been hard for me to come up with anything. I really want to be debt free in an uncluttered organized house. Talk about a gift! So I’ve asked for coupon books for chores and organizational items for my pantry and officу.
Ds just sent me an email reminding me that not this weekend but next he’s going to see his ungirlfriend (yep they are speaking again). Anyway, he says there is one of those used book stores that buys ALL your books (at a much discounted price of course) near her house and he has offered to take the boxes and boxes of books I have that I want to get rid of and sell them for me. Gazelle feed and clean book shelves all in one blow.
Even more so that he says he’ll help me get them all gathered and boxed up this weekend.