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Now everyone knows I am a Disney fanatic)

Posted by tipphumane on

Ds went to exchange Christmas gifts with his ungirlfriend today. They have been best friends for about 16 years, but when they date they fight. So they don’t date. LOL!

Anyway his gift from her was beautiful! They went to DL Oct 2007 and the gift was a scrapbook made via Snapfish then beautifully personalized by her of their trip. It is a BEAUTIFUL album.
As he came in the door he told me that the sack he was handing me was NOT a Christmas gift for me, but that Ms H. has decided to not scrapbook any more. It was a large Disneyland sack and it was completely full of scrapbooking paper, stickers, decoupage art, 3D stickers, a LARGE MM icon punch, borders, embellishments, AND a brand new Mickey Mouse Scrapbook album. The big 12 x 12 one that has squares of Mickey faces on it with a photo frame in the middle of the front cover. We are talking probably $300 worth of Disney materials of all sorts! Of course some of it was missing because these were the materials she had bought to do the album she gave ds, but I am NOT bitching one little bit. Many of the packages had not even been opened. She also threw in her extra prints of the photos she had not included in the snapfish album.
I have thousands of WDW photos waiting on me to scrap. So guess who is planning a January full of scrapbooking! Whoo HOO!