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Hello Rachel : )

Posted by tipphumane on

I definitely know the feeling.

At first it seems so reasonable. After all, who could object to making a little extra money. But then the promises begin. And then comes the whammy:

If you can make some “extra” money doing it part time, what would happen if you did this full time? It’s fun. It’s easy. The money will just come rolling in! And you did it all because you wanted to change your life. You took control.



Every MLM makes this promise. My MLM is not your MLM. It really doesn’t matter. Pay your fee, sign up here, get a little money in their pocket and they will show you the way how to get $1000. After all if you started your own business, you might lose everything. They’re REALLY investing in you.



They are right. The time is now – to walk away. Be glad you had this epiphany now, not months and years in. Not months and years of in debt over your head in. Not completely devoid of relationships you once cherished in.

You are right to be skeptical. You are right to walk away. You are right to be disgusted.

You are not crazy. That gut feeling you have that this MLM is a bad idea? Listen to it.

If anyone knows the temptations of an MLM, I do. The promises they make – we all want to believe that we will be the one to make it.

You will make it.

Without them. Without the MLM.