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Okay, so the house now officially belongs to us, not Wells Fargo

Posted by tipphumane on

So now it is time to take care of the Murphy hits that we received for Christmas.
1. The 30 year old furnace died. We are using wood heat (free) for right now, but by hot weather we will need the air conditioner.
2. All this horrible rain, our 16 year old roof sprang 3 leaks (2 around skylights and one in the dining room above the antique table). The skylight leaks the guys may be able to fix but the dining room one we have no idea where it is coming from.
Both of those repairs are very likely to be expensive. Besides those we have IRS for 2016 staring us in the face, most likely another $9,000 like last year.
If I can’t get BCBS to fix their error $6,000 out of pocket for 2015 will have to be paid. I am still working on this. You know me I won’t give up on that.
Then the payoff on the short term low interest loan we did for the fifth wheel is coming up due.
We want to pay all of this off before warm weather so we can bulk up our ffef and retire. Wish us luck. I did finally get my $2,000 back from the 3. Stooges last Monday. We used that money to help pay off the house.
Now that I am feeling so much better I am back to planning menus to live out of the pantries for as long as we can and decluttering more.